Thursday, July 31, 2014

Say NO to Artificial Sweeteners

A recent report published by Taylor & Francis Online has shown that sucralose (commercially known as Splenda) has many potentially negative consequences to your health:
  • in rats, sucralose reduced the beneficial probiotics in the gut - probiotics are highly important to your digestive health and even your immune system. See my previous post:  Probiotics
  • sucrolose was also found to be able to alter the DNA and thus increase the frequency of mutation levels in an organism
  • cooking sucralose at high temperatures generates chloropropanols - potentially toxic and carcinogenic compounds
  • high amounts of sucralose caused inflammation of the liver in laboratory animals, this is of concern, since there is evidence that sucralose does accumulate in the human body.


Neither did Aspartame, another artificial sweetener, emerge with glowing reviews:
  • when dissolved in liquid, one of the components it creates, DKP  has been shown to be a contributor to brain tumors.
  • when taken, aspartame is broken down by the digestion process, and methanol is released. Methanol is  a toxic even in small amounts, and causes blindness if eaten directly. 

I hope this gives you enough motivation to avoid artificial sweeteners and opt for natural, unprocessed or minimally processed sugars such as honey, raw cane sugar, and maple syrup - however in moderation.

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