Monday, July 21, 2014

Four Pantry Staples and their Healthier Substitutes

Honey - ditch the pasteurized honey and opt for the unpasteurized type

Why? Honey is pasteurized to kill any yeast spores and to melt any tiny crystals in it to ensure it remains liquid.  The pasteurization process reduces the nutrient value and the healing properties of raw honey which is high in minerals, enzymes and anti-oxidants.  Additionally, the heat from the pasteurization removes majority of the pollen grains in the raw honey and thus destroying the honey's ability to reduce allergy symptoms.So is unpasteurized honey safe? Yes it is, since the goal of pasteurization is not to make the honey safer but to increase its shelf life and make it look "pretty".  However in rare cases people have reported allergic reactions with raw honey due to the pollen spores in it. Additionally, infants under a year old must not be given honey (raw or processed) due to risk of infant botulism.

Margarine - throw it out for real butter
Why? For me the number one reason is that margarine is chemical and butter is real food. Did you know that without food colouring margarine is gray in colour?  Margarine is made of vegetable oils that are hydrogenated  to make them stay solid at room temperature through exposure to high heat, high pressure, hydrogen gas and a metal catalyst (see In contrast, butter from grass fed cows contains vitamins A, D, E, and K, and as well as important minerals like calcium.

Table salt - use Himalayan pink rock salt
Why? See my previous post:

Refined White sugar - use unprocessed cane sugar (of course in moderation!)
Why? Simply because refined sugar has added harmful chemicals such as phophoric acid, sulfur dioxide, and formic acid.   However, keep in mind that sugar, refined or raw, is not beneficial to health if taken in high quantities and  raw sugar is not any better in nutrient value than refined sugar. If you have a sweet tooth, opt for eating sweet fruits such as cherries and peaches for e.g., instead of cakes and pastries.

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