Sunday, July 10, 2011

Zinc - An Essential Micro Mineral

A micro mineral is a mineral required by your body in trace amounts. Zinc is one of the many micro minerals e.g. copper, iodine, that contributes to our overall well being.  Not enough importance is given to zinc, if you look at vitamin bottle labels, zinc is usually not included in the ingredients!  Did you know that zinc is utilized in all of our body parts and over 300 enzymes in our bodies require zinc to give them a kick start?

Some Health Benefits of Zinc
Zinc supports your immune function, promotes healthy skin, improves male fertility, prevents osteoporosis, and even balances blood sugar by regulating insulin.

Zinc Rich Foods
Oysters, shellfish, and brewers yeast are among the top three zinc rich foods. Roasted pumpkin seeds,  pine nuts, pecans, and lamb are  also good sources.


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