Saturday, March 12, 2011

Secrets to Lifelong Happiness

We go through life with its ups and downs and in tune with that so does our happiness. However, did you know that there are people who can maintain their sense of happiness despite the circumstances that life dishes them out?  

I read a very interesting article in Psychology Today that identified the four secrets to maintaining your happiness while going through life’s ups and downs.  The first one was self esteem – when you think favourably of yourself and genuinely love yourself you build a strong foundation for your happiness and wellbeing.  Another secret mentioned was optimism – think the glass as being half full vs. it being half empty.  Optimistic people see the good side of situations, and are thus able to maintain their happiness even in difficult situations.   The third secret was extroversion – outgoing people are generally happier-a large circle of friends and the ability to easily make new friends creates fulfilling relationships leading to a happier life.  Finally, the fourth secret was personal control – people who believe that they create and control their own destiny maintain their happiness consistently.

I believe that holding the principle that our happiness is in our control and not in the hands of other people or situations can help us achieve and maintain happiness constantly.  Additionally, consciously making an effort to love ourselves, to being optimistic, and to being outgoing can help us achieve that serene sense of contentment and happiness that we are all in pursuit of.


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