Sunday, November 14, 2010

Nurture Your Wellbeing

Breathing deep immediately increases your energy levels.  Breathing shallow reduces the much needed oxygen in your body and makes you feel fatigue.

When you laugh, your body releases feel good chemicals called endorphins that reduce pain and stress. Make it a point to laugh everyday --watch comedies, play harmless pranks on your buddies, read funny books, etc.

Give Hugs:
Hugs are free, they nurture and build relationships, and they make you feel so good. So make sure you hug someone everyday...and if you don't have anyone to hug then give yourself a hug.

Commit to Being Kind:
Everyone needs kindness, and I believe being kind actually reduces your stress levels by making you feel good about yourself.  "Be Kind to Everyone" has been my motto for the past few years, and it has benefited me a lot.  Be kind to everyone you encounter, be it a homeless person, a telemarketer, or your coworker.

Get Sunshine:
Just twenty minutes of sunshine everyday gives our body enough vitamin D for the day.  Additionally, sunshine makes us feel happy and boosts our mood.

Get Enough Sleep:
Your body needs to rest and to rejuvenate.  You  will feel less tired, have more energy to exercise, and be more focused on your daily tasks when you get enough sleep.  Additionally, adequate sleep is necessary for your immune system to function optimally.

Wash Your Hands:
You can prevent a lot of diseases just by washing your hands.  Wash hands before eating, after using the bathroom, before touching your face, after sneezing or coughing, and even after using public computers.

Meditation reduces stress which is the cause of most illnesses.  Just 10 minutes per day of meditation can give you many benefits such as, increased intuition and decreased aches and pains.  I personally use meditation to ease migraine pain.

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