Wednesday, September 29, 2010

On Meditation

Don't brush off meditation as something that only monks and religious people practice.   Research is now showing that meditation is actually beneficial to your mind and your body.  It has been proven that meditation decreases stress in your body, relaxing it, and consequently relieving it from pain, discomfort, and even causing speedy recovery. Additionally, meditation has been known to increase your attention span, boost your immune system, and even help you get rid of migraines.

So several questions may now be popping into your heads such as, "how do I meditate?", "do I have to be religious to meditate?", or "how can I stop my mind from wandering while meditating?"  To answer these questions, firstly understand that meditation (without any religious connotations attached to it) is simply an activity of non-activity.  A simple and easy way to meditate is by sitting with your eyes closed in a serene, quiet spot, and focusing on your breathing.  Breathe deeply and relax every part of your body, starting from the head. And when your mind starts to wander, accept it, and go back to focusing on your breathing.  Strive to meditate at least 15 minutes per day, and you will notice that with practice your mind will wander less and you will actually feel healthier, more calm, as well as, more alert in your day to day activities. I am hoping the fact that I have personally experienced the above benefits from my recent practice in meditation will encourage you to try it out.

Here are some great webpages for you with more information on meditation:

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