Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Spice-up your Meat

It has been long known that cooking meats, such as beef at high temperatures, especially when grilling, broiling or frying  can produce cancer causing compounds called heterocyclic Amines (HCAs).  Research has now shown that adding certain spices to your meat can significantly reduce the HCAs formed while cooking meat. USA Today reported that rosemary, turmeric, and fingerroot were rated the highest in preventing the formation of HCAs.

Here is a list of spices  and their benefits for you to refer to when you are planning your next barbecue party!  This list was featured in the Huffington Post.
  • Rosemary and basil for their anti-inflammatory power
  • Cumin and sage for their dementia-fighting power
  • Cayenne and cinnamon for their obesity-fighting power
  • Coriander and cinnamon for their sugar regulating powers
  • Lemon grass, nutmeg, bay leaves and saffron for their calming effects on your mood
  • Turmeric for its cancer fighting power
  • Oregano for its fungus-beating power
  • Garlic, mustard seed and chicory for their heart-pumping power
  • Basil and thyme for their skin-saving power
  • Turmeric, basil, cinnamon, thyme, saffron, and ginger for their immune-boosting power
  • Coriander, rosemary, cayenne, allspice and black pepper for their depression-busting power

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